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Thamel, Kathmandu NP

Flight Cancellation

Due to its unique geographical location and varying weather conditions, domestic flights in Nepal are often susceptible to delays and cancellations. The Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal lacks Instrumental Landing System technology, making it particularly vulnerable to adverse weather such as heavy rain, thick fog, and strong winds, which can disrupt flight schedules. Moreover, Nepal's challenging topography adds to the complexity of air travel in adverse weather conditions, making it unsafe to take off during such circumstances.

As indicated on our website's best trekking season section, the autumn season (November-September) is the most favorable time for trekking in Nepal, with dry, clear, and stable weather conditions resulting in infrequent flight delays and cancellations. However, for other seasons, weather conditions cannot be guaranteed. The monsoon season (June-August) is particularly prone to flight disruptions due to heavy rain, strong winds, and patchy clouds, resulting in unclear visibility. Similarly, flights may be canceled during the winter season due to thick fog.

To account for potential flight cancellations and delays, it is highly recommended to allocate one or two extra days in your itinerary when traveling to Nepal. Road transportation may be an alternative option in some cases, but for flights to Lukla, there may be no other choice due to its dramatic location, and changing your entire schedule may be necessary if time is limited.

(Note: It is strongly advised to have travel insurance. In the event of flight cancellation and limited time to catch your scheduled flight back in Kathmandu, San Trekking can arrange a helicopter charter at your service, but the cost will need to be borne and later claimed through your insurance company.)